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Do toddler tantrums leave you feeling angry, 
exhausted and overwhelmed?
Are you ready to end the cycle of frustration and finally learn to navigate toddler tantrums with ease and confidence?  
 If so, then the Transforming Toddler Tantrums Course is for you.
You will learn:
  •  Exactly what your toddler's tantrum is communicating.
  •  Strategies to disarm your triggers and keep calm in the heat of the moment.
  •  My exact blueprint for navigating even the most intense tantrums and meltdowns.
  •  How to use tantrums as an opportunity to build up trust and connection with your child.
  •  The secret developmental benefits of toddler tantrums. 
  •  What to do when a tantrum becomes aggressive.
  •  Tools for managing the pressure of public tantrums.
  •  How to stop adding fuel to the fire and help your toddler calm down.
This course is for toddler parents who:
  •  Have been searching for a way to overcome toddler tantrums but are feeling overwhelmed by it all.
  •  Are their wits end with tantrums and are ready to create change and see improvement.
  •  Want to reduce the duration and frequency of their toddler’s tantrums.
  •  Want to navigate tantrums with less frustration and more ease and confidence.
  •  Know that there is a better way to manage tantrums and are ready to learn how.
  •  Want to cultivate more patience in the heat of the moment.
  •  Done feeling guilty about how they respond to their toddler’s tantrum.
The course includes:
4 sections that contain more than 4 hours of video ($687 Value)
  •  Understanding Toddler Tantrums - Including: Tantrum triggers, what tantrums are communicating.
  •  The Keys to Reducing the Frequency and Duration of Toddler Tantrums - Including: Key mistakes to avoid, understanding your role, how to communicate without shame, blame or guilt, how to create connection in the heat of the moment.
  •  Navigating Tantrums with Ease - Including: my exact blueprint for navigating toddler tantrums with ease, what to do during the 5 most common tantrum situations.
  •  After the Storm - Including creating a way forward, finding the teachable moment, how to make amends
Downloadable worksheets for each section to help you fully integrate 
and customize what you learn ($417 Value)
4 Powerful Bonuses
  •   Two live group Q&A sessions with Devon to answer your questions ($247 Value)
  •  Private Facebook group to get questions answered and community support ($447 Value)
  •  Printable Blueprint to guide you through even the most challenging tantrums ($147 Value)
  •  Printable Script with the exact words you need in the heat of the moment ($97 Value)
The regular price for this course is $247
Take advantage of this special discounted offer and get the Transforming Toddler Tantrums Course (valued at over $2,000) for only $97.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the format of the course? 
The course content include pre-recorded videos broken into 4 sections of four weeks. The sections are broken down into small, digestible modules. Each section has worksheets to reinforce the content.
How do I access the course?
When the course launches you will receive an email with the first section of the course. Every week for the following three weeks you will the next sections.
When will the group Q&A sessions be?
The sessions will take place weeks two and four of the course. Don’t worry if you miss the live session. You can send your questions in advance and everyone will receive a recording of the Q&A session.
How long can I access the course?
You will receive lifetime access to the course.
When can I access this course?
This course launches on January 1st. New year = new way to navigate toddler tantrums. 
What is your refund policy?
I offer a 30 day money back, no questions asked refund from the date of purchase. 
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