Second Edition
The Raising Toddlers Courageously Conference is a online conference for parents and caregivers of toddlers that want to reclaim their sanity and confidence while finding the joy in the day-to-day challenges of raising happy and capable toddlers.
You can purchase LIFETIME ACCESS to the second edition of the conference with
 25+ experts sharing their wisdom and best tools for toddler behavior, development and parenting 
at your own pace and come back to this invaluable information again and again!

"Just watched today’s first talk - it has affirmed so much of what I desire to live out each day for my kids and given some new insight. I’m hoping to watch again with my husband as he hasn’t learned as much about this approach to parenting. "
What's Included With Lifetime Access?
All The Interviews
Access to a private membership area with all of the conference sessions including more than 18 hours of inspiring sessions teaching you more than 50 toddler parenting tools.
($997 Value)
Downloadable MP3's
Downloadable MP3's of all conference sessions so you can listen on the go. 
($247 Value)
Lifetime Access
Watch when you want, where you want with unlimited, lifetime access.
($1247 Value)
Certificate of Participation
Printable certificate to recognize and validate your conference attendance.
($47 Value)
AND 4 Powerful Bonuses
Speaker Action 
Steps Printable
Ready to take action and don't know where to start? This printable gives one action step from each session. Hang it on your refrigerator to help you implement what you learned and create a way forward to transform your parenting.
($97 Value)
Bonus Day
Four bonus sessions not seen in the conference including Parenting your Highly Sensitive Toddler, Helping Your Toddler Share, Tapping to Release Frustration & Heart-Led Parenting and Learning. 
($247 Value)
Transforming Toddlerhood 
Survival Guide
This workbook and guide will teach you 20 powerful ways create more cooperation, connection and joy with your toddler.
($97 Value)
How to Set Limits that Bring Your Child and You Closer 
During the advanced session with Patty Wipfler, you will learn how to set positive, effective limits with confidence.
($147 Value)
"After listening to the excellent speakers in the conference, find myself more excited and hopeful about parenting."
 “Great parenting is a learned skill 
that takes courage and the 
Raising Toddlers Courageously Conference is going to show you how.” 
   -Devon Kuntzman, 
Founder of Transforming Toddlerhood
Join me, toddler parenting expert and coach – Devon Kuntzman, for this inspirational, invaluable, 5-day event. More than 25 of the world’s leader in toddler behavior, development and parenting will show you how to get out of survival mode so you and your toddler can thrive.

Our experts will give you information and tools to transform toddler behavior as well as gain a deeper understanding of toddlers’ physical, emotional and mental health needs so you can confidently nurture their development while keeping your sanity!

Whether you are a parent, caregiver or teacher – learn what your toddler’s behavior is telling you and how to effectively respond with love and respect. Be empowered to become the loving leader your toddler is seeking and help them master all of the developmental tasks of toddlerhood.

Say goodbye terrible twos, trying threes, fierce fours and demanding fives. Are you ready to transform toddlerhood from terrible to terrific? 
"Thank you Devon for this beautifully organized conference! I’m proud to say that I managed to listen to all of the interviews. I’ve been on a huge respectful parenting binge lately so this came at the perfect time for me"
Meet Your Experts
Dr. Laura Jana
Pediatrician &
Connector of Dots
Toddler Brain Development: The Building Blocks for Success in the 21st Century
Patty Wipfler
Founder, Hand in Hand 
Sleep, Sweet Sleep: Building your Child's Sleep Confidence
Dr. Ross Greene
PhD, Founding Director, 
Lives in the Balance
Parenting Through 
Explosive Behavior
Lawrence Cohen
Overcoming Toddler 
with Play
Claire Lerner
Child Development and Parenting Expert
The Role of 
Temperment in 
Toddler Behavior
Devon Kuntzman
Toddler Parenting Expert & Founder, Transforming Toddlerhood
Releasing Control: How to Become an Influencer in your Toddler's Life
Dr. William Stixrud
Ph.D.Clinical Neuropsychologist
Sense of Control: The Key to Self-Confidence
Lori Petro
Founder of TEACH through Love, Child Advocate
Parenting your Highly Sensitive Toddler
Sherianna Boyle
C.L.E.A.N.S.E Yoga™ Instructor and Coach
Emotional Detox for Parenting your Best
Suzanne Tucker
PT, Parent Educator and Founder, Generation Mindful
Creating a Calming Corner to Teach your Toddler Emotional Regulation
Dr. Joseph Lee
The Importance of Parenting your Toddler's Needs and Development - Not Their Behavior
Shonda Moralis
Mindful Mentor
How Mindfulness Can Boost Your Parenting in Just 5 Minutes a Day
Sandy Blackhard
Founder, Language of Listening
Change Challenges into Rewarding Moments - 3 Simple Steps
Roma Khetarpal
Mindful Parenting 
The Pursuit of 
in Parenting
Dana Malstaff
Founder, Boss Mom
 Nurture Your Babies and Career at the Same Time Guilt Free
Amy Bryant
EdS, LPC, Psychotherapist
Creating Developmentally Appropriate Expectations
Dr. Lynyetta Willis
Family Life 
Coach & Psychologist
Understanding your 
Triggers and Embracing
 your Inner Critic
Dina Rose, PhD
Sociologist and 
Feeding Expert
Setting the Stage for Healthy Eating Habits in Toddlerhood
Simone Davies
Toddler Montessori 
Seeing the World Through your Toddler's Eyes
Jaime Spencer
Occupational Therapist
Fine Motor Skills: What to Teach Before Writing
Heather Shumaker
Author of It's OK Not to Share…
Redefining Sharing in Toddlerhood
Alissa Marquess
Author of Bounceback Parenting
Managing Anger in Parenting
Sue DeCaro
Parent Coach and 
The Art of Conscious Parenting in Toddlerhood
Hunter Clarke-Fields
Mindful Mama Mentor
Using Mindfulness and Self-care to Reduce our Reactivity to Toddler Behavior
Avital Schreiber-Levy
Mindful Parenting Coach
Alternative Schooling Options for Toddlerhood 
and Beyond
Renaye Thornborrow
Founder and CEO 
Adventures in Wisdom
Using Coaching Stories to Build Resilience and 
Develop Confidence
Jennifer Pearce
High Performance Coach
Heart-led Learning 
and Living
Penny Norket
EFT Speed Tapping Coach
Tapping to Release 
and Move Through Uncomfortable Emotions
Andrea Olson
Founder of Go Diaper Free
Elimination Communication
& Potty Training
Isabelle Boesch
Mother's Empowerment Coach
Honoring Yourself and Your Needs During the 
Toddler Years
These experts will show you how to shift out of survival mode and raise capable, resilient toddlers with the courage and confidence of a loving heart.
“I am a SAHM of 2.5 year old twin boys. Before the conference, I strived to be a peaceful parent. I didn’t have the tools and techniques I felt I needed to be the type of parent I wanted to be.
I found the conference through a friend and was hooked from the first session. Learning what I could try in certain situations was eye opening but learning WHY I should try it was even more enlightening. Not only did the conference help me become a better parent to my own sons, but it gave me the confidence to handle hard to negotiate situations with other children and parents."
As Seen In
"Thank you so much for all this valuable information Devon! I was added to the group in the beginning by a friend and am so grateful that she added me in. I have learned so much and had some major eye openers. I wasn’t able to listen to all the speakers but most of them. It has definitely helped me to understand my toddler and the way her brain works and in turn I’m sure will help me be a better mom to her."
This Conference Is For YOU If You Are
  • Stuck in a cycle of reaction, power struggles and frustration
  • ​Searching for the latest research to make informed choices in your parenting 
  • ​Struggling to find patience during challenging behavior 
  • ​Feeling as though your are a "mean parent" 
  • ​Not sure how to respond when your toddler has aggressive behavior 
  • ​Tired of meltdowns and tantrums 
  • ​Exhausted from yelling and making threats that go unheard  
This Conference Is For YOU If You Want To
  • Keep your cool in the midst of challenging behavior
  • ​Understand the social, emotional and intellectual needs that drive toddler behavior 
  • ​Understand precisely what toddler behavior is telling you 
  • ​Learn key toddler developmental milestones and if your toddler is on target 
  • ​Get your toddler to cooperate without punishments and timeouts 
  • ​Communicate with respect and love EVEN when you are frustrated 
  • ​Unlock the secrets of toddler sleep 
  • ​Transform picky eating and mealtime chaos 
  • ​Understand the latest brain science and apply it to your parenting
  • ​Rediscover the joy of parenting your toddler
  • ​Harness a toddlers energy and provide positive outlets
  • ​Enhance communication, connection and cooperation  
  • ​Cultivate courage and confidence in your parenting  
  • ​Bounce back from meltdowns and tantrums  
  • Create a relationship based on mutual respect and trust  
  • ​Show up every day as the best parent you can be  
  • ​Decrease frustration while increasing your patience
Parenting is challenging and caring for toddlers can be down right grueling. You don’t have to do it alone. We are on this journey together.
"Very inspiring and refreshing to listen to these speakers! I have only listened to a few interviews but it has already helped put me in the right mental space to tackle the everyday challenges I face with my 18 month old. I also just purchased my lifetime pass so I can listen to them all when I can."
Transforming Toodlerhood
What if toddlerhood could be more than tantrums and power struggles? More than the negative label society bestowed upon toddlers when the term “terrible twos” was coined?
I’m on a mission to transform how we view toddlerhood.
Toddlerhood is an incredible and critical period of development that sets the stage for the rest of a child’s life into the teen years in beyond.
Many parents want to fast-forward and fly past toddlerhood hoping the challenges will melt away.
The fact is, a child’s brain is 90% developed by the age of 5. 
During toddlerhood, most of the neural pathways and connections responsible for behavior and emotional patterns are formed.
This development is nurtured by their experiences and relationships. All of these interactions, including how we parent, sets the stage for the rest of their lives. 
It’s vital to nurture the neural pathways and connections that promote intrinsic motivation, emotional regulation, problem solving, healthy relationships and self-esteem.
Taking the time and getting the support to master toddlerhood can dramatically impact and shape the rest of your child’s life and your relationship with them.
The Raising Toddlers Courageously Conference will help you gain a deeper understanding of this magical, sensitive, important, tumultuous and humorous developmental period while mastering the challenges that arise along the way.
Frequently Asked Questions
What Is Your Refund Policy?
We are confident that you will love the Lifetime Package because of all the amazing value it contains. Nowhere else will you find all of these experts gathered in one place to speak about toddler behavior, development, and health. We are unable to offer refunds to individuals who purchase the Lifetime Access Package.
What Is The Format Of The Conference?
The Conference's content includes pre-recorded video sessions between Devon Kuntzman and the guest experts.
Who Is The Conference For?
The Raising Toddlers Courageously Conference is for toddler parents and caregivers who want to nurture toddler developmental while overcoming everyday challenges. 
Have Other Questions?

Feel free to send our team an email anytime at
Meet Your Host
Hi! I'm your conference host, Devon Kuntzman!
Toddler Parenting & Life Design Coach
I'm on a mission to transform the myth that toddlerhood is terrible. I teach parents how to embrace this sensitive developmental period and uncover the magic of toddlerhood. Parents learn how to overcome everyday challenges and keep their sanity as they rediscover the joy of parenting. As a coach, I empower parents to transform their frustration, fear and self-doubt into confidence in their parenting. Over the last 15 years, I have dedicated my life to working with hundreds of children and families across three continents as a parenting and gentle sleep coach, former nanny for some of the most high-profile families in the world and former director of an orphanage in Rwanda.
I'm a a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, a registered yoga teacher, Life Design Coach and the Founder of  Transforming Toddlerhood. I hold a degree in psychology and child devlopment. I'm passionate about toddlerhood, green juice, reading, traveling and holistic living.
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